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Sattler Companies is the Parent Company of two subsidiaries. It serves as the corporate headquarters for ownership and senior management, and provides administrative and functional support to its businesses. Sattler Companies is owned and managed by David Sattler, President, whose mission is to provide his customer base with quality workmanship, superior products for his distributors, and a total service solution to anyone who requires it.
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Acquired by Sattler Companies in 2006 (C.M Posey /Posey Hydro Solutions), Sattler Pump Solutions supplies a wide variety of equipment and pumps to the Fluid Transfer and Hydro Blasting Industries, including oil field, pipeline and petro-chemical processing industries. Sattler Pump Solutions also provides product and services to oil well drilling contractors, refineries, and municipalities.
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Since 1972, Sattler Machine Products has provided quality machine services to satisfied customers nationwide. The strength of perfecting computer numerically controlled (CNC) short to intermediate production runs helps customers meet their schedules.

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